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Why contact us?

Maybe you’re interested in what exactly our goals are. Maybe you would like to know more about the positive impact we’ve had. Maybe you want to join our team or help support us. Maybe you want to propose a project or collaboration. No matter what it is, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the contact form below to submit your inquiry. Alternatively you can also reach out to us using our social media platforms.

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Why Donate?

The Palmyrah Initiative gives monetary support to long-term projects that we know can help achieve our goal. Every dollar given will be used for something that we will continue for years to come. We use our money effectively to provide monetary support for developing projects in Sri Lanka. We partner with U.S. based and local Sri Lankan organizations, along with volunteers from on-site locations. If you are interested in helping Tamil Sri Lankans but are unsure what you can do, donate to us. We’ll make sure every penny makes a difference.