Leading in healthcare improvements for marginalized Tamil communities


The most profound impact of the civil war in Sri Lanka was on the healthcare sector and the Tamil areas in the North and East bear the maximum brunt with the negligence and diversion of money toward war expenses. The impact was wide ranging from physical (disability) to mental (psychological) scars. Though post reconstruction has seen improvement in the services provided, the remote areas are still neglected and decades behind in obtaining reasonable health care. Palmyrah Initiative will partner with Tamil Diaspora and other institutions to support projects that can improve healthcare in remote areas.

Project - Blossom

Small ceremony held at the ‘Malwatta’ hospital to kick off the Phase I of the project.

Project - Blossom

Image of the items donated to the ‘Female Ward’ at the ‘Mawatta Hospital’ for Phase I.

Project - Blossom

Medical staff of the “Malwatta Hospital' formally receiving the donations for Phase I.

Project - Blossom

Project Blossom banner illustrating the maternal health care project initiated by the Palmyrah Initiative.

Project - Blossom

Medical staff of the “Malwatta’ hospital with our volunteers at the hospital entrance.

Project - Blossom

An award given to Palmyrah Initiative/Tamil Diaspora Alliance in recognition of this initiative.


The current Tamil population has seen a significant decrease in comparison to the past as a result of the war. We initiated the project ‘Blossom’ to cultivate maternal healthcare with the support of U.S. based ‘Tamil Diaspora Alliance’ which has volunteers on the ground and specializes in executing healthcare projects. 




Project Blossom Phase I

Project ‘Blossom’ Phase I provided two EDAN X10 patient monitors to the Women’s ward of the Divisional Hospital in the remote village of Malwatta in Eastern Sri Lanka. The hospital was neglected in the post war reconstruction and was in multiple desperate needs. Phase I of the project also repaired the broken toilets and purchased other needed items (Sheets and pillows for new mothers, ceiling fans and a washing machine) for the hospital. Project ‘Blossom’ will initiate the next phase of the project to repair/replace the leaking roof at the women’s ward and also to make additional repairs to the infrastructure of this hospital.