Mission,Vision & Impact

Our Mission

The Palymrah Initiative approaches issues in these communities with a three-pronged approach. Each prong will contain several long-term projects that will rely on both time and effort, along with short-term projects that will rely on urgency and effort to create a long-lasting impact. We will aid in the preservation of tamil heritage, mentor the next generation of tamil youth, and lead in improvements for accessible healthcare. The Palmyrah Initiative will also work to target geographic locations that are often neglected when working to help these communities. We work in partnership with both Sri Lankan and U.S. based organizations to execute these projects with volunteers from on-site locations in Sri Lanka. We will work diligently to create the positive impact we want to make, as is our duty as human beings.

Our Vision

The Palmyrah Initiative envisions a future where the war-impacted Tamil communities in Sri Lanka have not only recovered but also grown to become even more prominent on the world stage. We hope to see all generations able to remember and maintain to beauty of the unique heritage of Tamils in Sri Lanka, Students grow into adults who are ready to be leaders of change, and healthcare become more equitable and accessible as seen in our modern day. The Palmyrah Initiative is looking not only for recovery but for growth.



Eastern Sri Lanka- War impacted remote area
4 years, 8+ schools, 500 +childrens


Eastern Sri Lanka - War impacted remote town
1 Year, 1 Hospital


Northern Sri Lanka - War impacted town
2 years, 1 Historic Site