OUR Partners

Jaffna Heritage Center (JHC), Sri Lanka

Based in the Jaffna District in Northern Sri Lanka, Jaffna Heritage Center (JHC) is an organization formed by archaeologists and tamil history and archeology professors at the University of Jaffna, to renovate and rebuild Tamil heritage and historic sites that were ruined by the civil war in Sri Lanka. JHC assisted us to execute our “AIDing in the preservation of tamil heritage” initiatives.

New Sun Star Youth Club (NSSYC), Sri Lanka

Based in Sammanthurai in the Ampara district in Eastern Sri Lanka, New Sun Star Youth Club (NSSYC) is an youth organization comprising young high school graduates and university graduates who execute social welfare projects with the help of funding tamil diaspora organizations abroad and with funding from the various ministries of the government of Sri Lanka. NSSYC is registered as a youth organization under the National Youth Service Council of the Ministry of Youth & Sports in Sri Lanka. NSSYC assisted us to execute our “MENTORing the next generation of tamil youth” initiatives

Tamil Diaspora Alliance, USA

Based in the United States, Tamil Diaspora Alliance (TDA) is an organization/platform that aims to unite the Tamil people, beyond organizational or geographical divides, in order to protect and enhance the unique identity and origins of the Tamil Diaspora. TDA assisted us to execute our “LEAD in the healthcare improvements for the marginalized tamil communities” initiatives