OUR story


The Palmyrah Initiative was formed by two Tamil American sisters from Robbinsville, NJ. Growing up connected to their community and passionate about humanitarian aid, they work to support their war-impacted Tamils in Sri Lanka. The founders work to use their voices and opportunities to provide the support they can. As young adults, they emphasize the importance of helping lay the groundwork for a better world for the next generation.

The Name

The palmyrah tree is a prominent symbol for Tamil Sri Lankans. These trees are not only symbolic of their rich history, growing and thriving with them from the beginnings of their society, but they are also a testament to the painful and long civil war. Despite the destruction of buildings, homes, and lives, these trees stood tall and watched it all. Now, they are a symbol of hope – in the same way this symbol of Tamil Sri Lankans survived the war, the thriving of the trees may mirror the thriving society to come. The Palmyrah Initiative is an initiative because it is a long-term effort that will be achieved with several projects with various goals, all working towards the same ending, inspired by the tree.

Our Team

Our team comprises of like-minded Tamil youth of Sri Lankan descent across the globe. Connected by our cultural identity as Tamils and a passion to help those in need, the Palmyrah Initiative team works tirelessly to ensure the successful completion of each project. We incorporate specialized members in teams that target projects for one of our mission goals, logistics & funding, or outreach, alongside our two founders that help lead the members of the teams. If you would like to join our team and contribute in anyways please reach out to us via

Our Success Stories

Stories that empower, inspire and inform. Whether it’s a student assisted by our ‘Mentor’ initiative or a hospital that is benefited through our ‘Lead’ initiative, Our success stories highlight the positive impact of our projects on individuals and communities.

Initiative : MENTOR

Project : Scholarship Examination Assistance

Master Parasarogana Nimilshan of Sri Korakkar Tamil Maha Vidyalayam in Sammanthurai, Easter Sri Lanka passed the Grade 5 Nation Scholarship Examination with distinction scoring 145 points in 2023. The distinction enabled him to receive monthly financial assistance from the Government. His family uses the money for his advanced learning to fulfill his dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer. 

Initiative : MENTOR

Project : Home Gardening